Experiencing Gratitude In The Midst Of Illness

Experiencing Gratitude In The Midst Of Illness

A friend once asked me: “What is your illness helping you do that you were not able to do for yourself before?”


As I was asked this question when the pain started, I didn’t know what to answer. But after several weeks of resistance, I felt like although words were missing initially, answers were waiting for my permission to be revealed.


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I pondered the question, and a few days later, I felt words come up. So I wrote in my journal…


For months, I…


  • Felt the need to slow down
  • Expressed the desire for more me-time in my schedule
  • Had the intuition that I must change birth control
  • Felt the desire to reconnect with my natural cycle
  • Observed the need to see fewer people
  • Affirmed my wish to eat more vegetarian foods


I left for Asia, a trip that transformed and moved me. I came back home and this return affected me negatively. Just like that kid’s toy where you insert a cube, star or circle in the right holes, I felt a change within myself shaping me differently, no longer allowing me to “fit in the same hole as before”. I felt like I needed a hammer to get back into the mold of my life; I speak of this difficult return in this article.


I am back from the East and I want to…


  • Step out of my constant survival mode
  • Live with abundant time and resources
  • Reconnect deeply with my spirituality
  • Know how and where to stand within my relationships
  • Be myself, simply
  • … without forgetting all the other desires expressed before.


As I was writing this in my journal the other day, I felt such great gratitude for how the illness allowed me to touch upon ALL these points! As I was sitting on my chair, I acknowledged my body for being loyal to my soul’s whispers that wanted to be heard (a bit harshly I must admit haha). Not only hearing them to discard them and going on with my life, but truly hearing them and making space for them.


I will share more on those positive changes in future articles. For now, I will relax in a comforting lavender bath…

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