Trip to India

travel with confidence and autonomy

India 2020

Join me in the discovery of India’s colours in November 2020! This backpacking trip, with a small group of individuals making their own decisions, is an opportunity to build your confidence and autonomy, while being guided abroad. A maximum of 9 people will experience the adventure with me; therefore I invite you to manifest your interest quickly!

Tools to become more confident: online meetings, coaching sessions before the trip, various tools, support abroad, tips and anecdotes.

Activities by selection: meeting local people, possibility to travel green, visiting temples, cooking class, hiking, discovering markets, exploring in a tuk-tuk…

A lot of fun: stories, laughs, compassionate support, new friendships, wonderful adventures



Trip to India




November 19, 2020


New Delhi, temples

Cooking class

with food from the market

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autonomy on a trip with a group…

how does it work?

Everyone is responsible for…

🐯booking plane tickets (fixed departing date, CHOICE OF returning date)
🐯getting proper travel insurance
🐯booking preferred accommodation
🐯selecting activities and making the necessary reservations
🐯choosing safe and adapted options for their physical and mental condition

As your coach on this backpacking trip, my desire is to help you step out of your comfort zone. Take advantage of the reassuring presence of someone with travel experience. Dare to surpass yourself and enjoy the gems of this beautiful country!

What does coaching involve?

🌿Support before the trip to help you get the necessary tools to plan your adventure and a physical presence during the trip to help you feel secure.
🌿An online training on the following themes:
🌿Demystify backpacking (common beliefs)
🌿Steps to plan a backpacking trip
🌿Solo travel and culture shock
🌿Choosing a cost-effective accommodation
🌿Using your cell phone overseas
🌿Healthy and safe traveling
🌿Getting informed for better planning
🌿What to bring and how to pack? Demonstration of travel items
🌿Tips and anecdotes to reduce travel costs
🌿Traveling as a woman

Everything in addition to ONLINE MEETINGS to answer your questions (optional)

Also, a private Facebook group to…
🐯Share our discoveries, readings and inspirations before leaving
🐯Dream together
🐯Access various resources over time

Who is this trip for?
For those who…
🌿want to experience solo travel for the first time
🌿wish to travel with more confidence
🌿have traveling experience and want extra safety
🌿want to feel free to do as they like, while being supported



For everything else, it is difficult to say in advance what the costs for backpacking will be, it all depends on your preferences. India is a very low-cost country, plan $40 per day including accommodation, food, transportation and activities. I must admit I always add a buffer to the budget, to make sure you avoid unpleasant surprises. Here is how I suggest you plan your budget (Note that prices were accurate BEFORE Covid-19. Let’s see how it changes in the near future):

🌿Approximately $1300 for round trip flights Montreal-Delhi 

🌿Travel insurance (very variable)

🌿$40 per day for spending (transportation, activities, food, accommodation)

It is recommended to plan a budget between $3000 and $3200 for two weeks, depending on your preferences of course (once more, the budget is buffered). It includes EVERYTHING: coaching, plane, insurance, vaccines, accommodation, food and activities. Note the price is approximative and I will be there to help you make choices that align with your budget.


I want to join the adventure

Dare to choose yourself today!

You want to leave and discover the planet and your inner world? Contact me for a private coaching session.



Trust the process

Project Values

Autonomy and Initiative

Autonomous: the keyword of our adventure. You will be in charge of your own happiness during this trip, so there will be no delegation.

Personal Responsability

Everyone is considered to be an adult responsible for their own choices, initiatives, their trip’s success and security. All are invited to identify their needs and find ways to meet them.

Curiosity and Open-Mindedness

When traveling light we discover ourselves and others. We get a taste of other cultures and we share ours in exchange, we listen to their song and we sing ours, we share the same table and open our hearts.


Backpacking offers great flexibility; traveling without booking everything in advance requires great adaptability. Everyone is invited to develop this quality during the adventure.

Respect and Acceptance

Respect and acceptance of ourselves and others for our respective strengths and limitations, as well as our different ways of living the experience.

Fun and Improv

Respect and acceptance of ourselves and others for our respective strengths and limitations, as well as our different ways of living the experience.

Trip to India


I ask for a 40% deposit to confirm your registration. This deposit is not refundable, unless I (Melanie Gagne) decide to cancel the trip for significant reasons. In that case, 100% will be reimbursed. Your registration is transferable if you find someone to replace you. You will simply need to inform me.

The remaining amount for coaching must be given 1 month maximum before the trip. You can transfer it by Interac to

Pricing for coaching includes lifetime access to my online class and its updates. I will give you access with a discount coupon. Note that if you decide to buy the course separately, instead of using my discount coupon, a $20 fee will be charged from PayPal to cover commissions.

This trip is meant to encourage you to be independent. Once the deposit is made, you will be added to a private Facebook group to facilitate the sharing of anecdotes and meetups. Within this group, I can answer your questions and you can meet with other participants.


Join the Adventure

YES, I am interested!

Contact me now to secure your spot. Note that before being accepted, each applicant will be interviewed to ensure this project is for them.