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Mélanie Gagné

One woman, two great passions: journeying with others on their unique path and discovering the world.


Awarded a Master of Psychosocial Practices degree, Melanie insightfully analyzed her life’s experience for several years, while traveling around the world.


Africa, South America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America; to her, all are worth discovering. During her first trip abroad to Haiti, she feels a strong calling for the discovery of peoples and new lands, propelling her to a life of exploration at the four corners of the earth.


On a personal level, as a teen she converted to Christianism, then worked a few years as a missionary, to finally leave the religion as an adult. This path intersected a marriage, divorce, illness and mournings… Her life’s journey – that she shares on her blog – sums up to the woman she is today: an unconditionally welcoming listener. She encourages human beings to fully assume their journeys and offers concrete guidance tools. 


For her, traveling is a way to endlessly step out of our comfort zone, discover the beautiful planet we inhabit, meet extraordinary people and ultimately cultivate wisdom. 


With her vibrancy and over 20 years of traveling experience around the world and within the self, she hopes to share the necessary tools to help you pick up your bag and leave to discover the world…and yourself!

What They Said

Melanie is really energetic and easygoing, so if you are looking for that particular but necessary tip, for your next trip to be successful, that can make all the difference...do not hesitate to seek answers from her many experiences. Safe travels!

Travel Coaching

Excellent and well-experienced travel coach! Best person to give you tips, guide you and give you confidence in your abilities. Very compassionate, passionate, creative, resourceful and devoted to her clients. She encourages the development of our autonomy. I recommend her to everyone who is hungry for an adventure and wants to go beyond!

Catherine C.
Travel Coaching

Beautiful personality, sharing her passion with enthusiasm! A great bonus to properly prepare to travel alone.

Travel Coaching

Her generosity and friendliness are inspiring. Thanks again xxx

Travel Coaching

Travel Coaching


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How to pack my bag efficiently?

You would love to escape into the unknown with your backpack, but you lack confidence? Let me guide you through travel learning.


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